Locked Verizon Phone - can't get Verizon to unlock so can't activate on Visible

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So frustrating. Samsung A02s - Verizon says it's unlocked, but I still get a message saying it cannot be activated with another carrier. And can't get it to read the SIM card from Visible - probably b/c it's locked. Spent two days with Visible support assuring me they could get it to work. But it won't. Now I have to purchase a new phone after just paying off this one so we could switch to Visible. Terrible customer service. If we had any other decent service in our area, I would totally switch. But we are stuck with only Verizon as no one else has decent coverage. Ugh. Anyone experience anything similar?


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If Verizon says it is unlocked there is something in your phone that might be causing the issue. I would back everything up and try doing a factory reset. It is a pain because I had to do one a couple weeks ago because I had texting issues and it seemed to fix it. Bad thing is I backed up everything but my texts and lost all my texts from family members. Back up contacts, files and photos before doing it.


If you decide to do a reset, before attempting an activation update everything on the phone because a rest wipes out everything including apps.



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I agree with @Anonymous If Verizon says it's unlocked, they have no reason to lie or make that up. There must be something else affecting the lock status or something else preventing the Visible SIM from being recognized/used.

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Nope. Factory reset did not work. On startup, the Verizon logo comes up. Then the same message "Sorry, your device can't be activated on another carrier's network right now. For help, contact Verizon at ... gives an 800 number." When I contact them, they tell me it's unlocked. If I try to set up the phone anyway, it won't read the SIM card.

That is very odd indeed. It sure sounds like it's locked. Which confuses me since Verizon keeps telling you its not.

Tell me about it. Two days of this ... Then, of course the cheap comparable phones are out of stock. I tried to negotiate some sort of trade in for this phone, but they refused. Finally,I just purchased a new, unlocked AO3S phone directly from Samsung.

Hope I got all the data saved correctly in GoogleOne. I am not an android user by nature. I'm a iPhone user trying to get my wife's phone to work. She refuses to switch to an iPhone. This may be grounds for divorce ... 

Verizon customer service has been horrible. They just keep telling me our account has been cancelled (b/c when we ported our numbers over, they cancelled it). And that the phone should be unlocked.