Switching Phones


I am starting 2 new lines for my daughters.  One will have a new phone with a new number - the other we have an existing phone and number.  What is the best way to switch the phones?  I would like my younger daughter (who will need a new #) the current phone, and my older daughter the new upgraded phone with her existing number.  Is this possible?


It certainly is. You will need separate emails for each line you want with Visible. For an existing phone, it needs to be carrier unlocked, just follow the steps when ordering, you want to do BYOD or bring your own device, at some point you will need to verify if it is compatible. If it passes then just follow the steps for getting a new line, it should give you several numbers to choose from for your area code. It did for me anyway.


For a new phone and old number is just a port, make sure when buying a phone you buy an unlocked version if you don't buy it from Visible. Just follow the steps for porting in a number. 


If not doing eSIM and want SIM cards mailed I just want to point out that if you are going with the base plan cards are shipped USPS and could take up to a week maybe a little longer, if you are doing the plus plan cards are shipped FedEx next business day which could be 2 days not counting weekends. I believe they still ship phones next business day also.


Just some information, these forums are peer to peer and not visited by customer service. If you need assistance with activating you would need to contact them via chat or by messaging them on one of their social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or X now and even on their support page on Reddit. They do not have a phone number or an email address to contact them by.