Switching from Samsung A52-FiveG from Cricket


Hi everyone,


My family is switching from cricket to visible, and because I am in the family plan, I also gonna be switching so my phone plan won't go up.


But the thing is, I trade-in for a new phone sometime in February with Cricket, which is my current Samsung A52 FiveG, they said that if I want to switch I need to wait until August for it to be six months to switch, and I checked my IMEI number with visible but it appears to be not compatible. 


So what are my options now? Should I wait until August to check my IMEI again to see if it is compatible now? Or the only option is to get a new phone?


Thank you



Yes, your options are to either wait until August or purchase a new phone from Visible.  Carries can 'lock' the phone to their service for a certain amount of time, especially if you purchased it via a discount or a part of a cheaper plan.  That is how they ensure people do not shop for the best phone price form one carrier to use another carriers service.  Everyone wants their 'slice of the money pie'.

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