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Launching Today: Annual Plan

Hey Visible community! We want to continue to give our members more options to pay for their service how they’d like, which is why we are launching our new Annual Plan option. To learn more about our new Annual Plan, keep reading! Plan Prices & Detai...

Port additional phones to Visible from Verizon

Had 3 phones/lines/numbers on my Verizon account. Have ported the 1st phone/line to Visible. Can I port the other 2 phones to my new Visible account? Or do they only port in as individual accounts?Tried chatting with the bot, but got no useful inform...

Transfer from old phone

Will I be able to transfer my apps, messages, contacts, etc. from my old phone when I sign up for visible and how is this accomplished? Also, is there a customer service number where you can reach a representative for assistance if there are issues?

Backup phone

I travel a lot for work, and I'd like to have a backup phone with me just in case, a budget phone. Two phones, one account. My current phone is a s24 ultra e-sim activated, no sim card, is it possible? and how? Any help would be greatly appreciated, ...