Terrible Service


I'm not sure what else to do. I signed up a week ago and have not had any service.  I have chatted with countless agents and my case has been escalated and my only option is chat.  I'm told that I'll hear back in twenty-four to forty eight hours via email and NEVER receive an email.  I jump back on chat and get told the same thing over again.  I've spent countless hours trying to get my issues resolved.  They say that the esim download had an error.  I can't even speak to a real person! Help! 


Ask them for a physical SIM that might fix the problem, because if there is a error with the eSIM you could just get a physical SIM 

You’d think they might actually suggest that, but no. 😕

Novice II

I am having the same problem, except they haven’t actually identified the issue. I’m now on day 5. 

I'm having similar issues.  They are completely inept. I'm about ready to go to another carrier.  I don't have hours of time to waste trying to contact a Service Rep when all they do is close the chat right after they start investigating the IT problems.  Even customer service doesn't want to deal with it. . . And I can't believe NO ONE follows up by phone. . . that's outrageous.  Honestly, I don't think Visible wants to invest time into fixing anything.  If it's too much trouble for them, they'd prefer you just go somewhere else. 


If you're still having issues this should fix your data and MMS issues.