Texting down- customer service tried telling me to reset data!


I knew there was an issue/outage and just wanted to have confirmation from customer service. after waiting all day I finally had a rep respond on facebook message at 3:30am. They had me run through steps of shutting down and restarting, turning roaming off, etc... they said they were doing things on their end to reset my SMS etc... after an hour they suggested I reset my data- which would have completely wiped out my phone. I said "are you sure there is no other way?" for them to finally admit there was an issue. I asked today for an ETA on the outage and they dont have one. I can only text a handful of people with androids. I feel bad if anyone actually followed customer service advice and wiped out their phones. We are switching asap. Unfortunate how unreliable this service is. 


Intermediate II

They’re still having issues.



 After numerous other steps (power down phone, airplane mode, etc.) I was also advised to do a factory reset and hesitated.  I was going to wait it out but then they then tried something on their end and SMS was restored.  Still don't have any of the messages I didn't receive during the time I wasn't getting messages though.