Able to send text but unable to receive.

Started with all of a sudden my cell data went off and showed SOS. Came back by itself.

Now unable to receive text. Spent hours with "tech support" and nothing. Many of the troubleshoot seemed to be stalling tactics. Not happy! 

Reset network settings

Removed sim card and then rebooted

checked settings





Had this issue repeatedly between my wife's phone and my own (both on Visible, Androids).  Hers was much worse, unfortunately.  They re-provisoned, setup eSIMs out the wazoo, etc.  Helped, but we still occasionally had problems.  Then I found  that I had RCS messaging enabled.  I turned that off and it helped a TON.  I had her do the same.  Problems almost went totally away.  However, once in a while, I won't be getting texts.  And this is from multiple sources/carriers.  I think this coincides with me being in a terrible coverage area, then coming back into coverage.  The only 'fix' is to drop into Airplane mode, then back out.  This isn't really a fix, just a band-aid.  And super frustrating cause you don't really know when you stop getting texts.  Was hoping for a fix.  But looks like this is a common, albeit periodic, issue.