Trouble with Interface for signing up and chat: not up to speed

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Chat doesn’t connect with a live person. Bringing my own phone so I’d like to get the gift card deal, bu there’s no way to sign up for the offer. Currently trying the trial.

do they throttle on the $30/mo plan?

 Thank you!


You can sing up for free trial you don't even need a credit card 

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The only throttling is hotspot data at 5 mbps and video streaming. Visible throtttles detected video streaming to a speed sufficient for 480p resolution.

The remainder is not throttling per se, but rather deprioritization during heavy usage periods (congestion). This can sometimes be even worse that throttling.  The new Visible+ plan does offer 50 GB of premium data not subjected to de-prioritization.

Sorry can't speak to the gift card.

The 45 dollar plan gets better data (first 50 gig) than the 30 dollar plan but it's still not the fastest it's just better 

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Yes that's what 50GB of premium data means. Better but is it worth it for someone who may not need international calling features (the other major feature difference). It can be faster if in a 5G UW coverage area - but folks in those areas probably have a lot better choices to begin with.

Tests from users here showed that the speed doesn't get close to Verizon they call it premium data but it's not it's just better than 30 dollar plan 

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As I sit here in what will undoubtedly be another useless Chat session with Visible and to kill some time...


That will largely be the dictated by the user location and how heavily the local towers are being used. There are no absolutes.


My experience with the original Visible Unlimited plan has been that it consistently performs better than the expected speeds stated in the legal disclosure. I've consumed well over 200 GB this month alone. I stream comfortably I have been trying to upgrade to the new Visible Plan since August 17 but with no success and Chat has been of no help in resolving. Ping times are high on the old network; the new plans offer the promise of lower ping times which can benefit certain activities - it's not always about speed but rather responsiveness. That's way I want to upgrade to determine for myself whether it is a better fit for me but Visible is sure making it hard. International calling has no value to me since I would never use it, but the new Visible base plan may offer some value to me.

Individuals have different needs and there is no blanket statement that can be made in regard to which plan is better than another. It depends on your needs and each has to evaluate for themselves.

Returning to the original poster - I can empathize with her Chat experience and with regard to throttling my experience is as indicated above. Throttling and prioritization are not one and the same.

So, what exactly is your first-hand experience with Visible plan(s) and support via Chat. Don't tell me what you've read but rather what you've experienced and what general  circumstances.