Need a new phone


I have been with Visible for 3 years and I want to buy a new phone. .I have tried to buy one on the Visible web site, but it says I already have a plan when I try to buy it. Can I just get a android phone somewhere else and switch the simm out without any issues. I tried getting Visible customer service support but I will probably die before they answer. All I use it for is to hotspot a couple times a week, but the phone I have is the old R2 and it had a crack in the side. I just need a phone to hotspot a few times a week. ANy help would be appreciated. 


Yes you can do it but the phone has to be unlocked. Please note that some phones will not work 

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Aye there's the rub, you won't know if the unlocked phone is compatible until you have then IMEI and activate. Previously I was actually able to go to Best Buy and spy the IMEI on the model I wanted to use for compatibility checking (but not activation).