Unlock Phone Purchased from Visible


I purchased a Pixel phone from Visible a could of years ago. I'm considering upgrading. If I do, can the Pixel be unlocked from Visible so that I can pass it down to a family member who isn't with Visible? It appears to be locked to Visibile.



I would reach out to Visible support on this one, especially if it appears locked.


Did you finance it through Visible, and are you still making payments on it?  If you are making payments, then it may be locked.



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I paid in full at the time of purchase. Just wondering if anyone else has done this.


Per visible unlock policy, the device is automatically unlocked after 60 days of continuous service.




Please check with visible help representative if your specific device is unlocked.


Note that some carriers sell carrier specific models that may not be compatible with other service providers. Just be sure of that.


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Visible has refused to unlock my fully paid for phone that was activated for more than 60 days.  Many chats, escalations so far.  VERY frustrating. Now I am told to put a non visible SIM card in my phone. But my phone only has a esim and the phone wont let me add another one because it is locked. I would never buy a phone from visibility again.  I have a $1000 paper weight.

Yes, I don't think Visible is telling the truth about phones being unlocked after 60 days.  I paid for my phone and when I chatted with Visible a few months later, they said my phone Samsung A14 was unlocked.  When I went to Boost mobile and checked the phone was compatible.  When the sales rep tried a Boost SIM, the phone was locked.

One thing you need to know about Visible is that if you buy a phone on one account and use it on another Visible account it will never unlock. It needs to be used for 60 continuous days on the account it was purchased through. I don't know if other carriers are like this but there was at least one post here or on Reddit where a person bought a phone and used it for 3 years but on another account and it never unlocked. 


Not 100% sure but if you delete the eSIM and reinstall another I think it will reset the counter.

Had the phone for a year and A14 does not have eSIM.  Now that it has been over a year, I am going to go back to the Boost store and ask the guy to try a Boost SIM again.

It could reset the counter if the pSIM was removed. If you used it for 60 continuous days on Visible on the account you bought it on Visible should have unlocked it. There are steps you can do to check if it is unlocked. I checked my Visible Motorola phone yesterday and it should be unlocked since it shows multiple carriers. Go into settings, network and internet, mobile network, tap the automatically select network and wait a minute or two. Not sure if these steps would be exactly the same on the Samsung phone but you should be able to find automatically select network. If it shows just one network it is likely locked to that network. If it isn't locked it should show multiple networks. I found the steps on a Google search yesterday as it mad me curious if mine was unlocked. Mine shows 4 networks.