Unwilling to work with customers

This past week dealing with visible has been the absolute worst. I never received any help unless I chatted in to get answers, even then the agents always gave me vague answers or they would make promises that they could not meet, for example deadlines for things being completed or giving call backs within the hour (I FINALLY got one 2 days after. Even then the manager pushed the blame onto affirm and did not offer any solutions.) It took them over a week to fix something small, and even then it wasn’t fixed after they sent an email that stated they were completed with it. After giving excuse after excuse, they then proceeded to tell me the reason they couldn’t continue was based on a choice I made. I made the choice I made based on information that Visible employees assured me to be correct. When I told the care team this, they proceeded to tell me that I was misinformed and that there was no way to help me. Nor did they offer any type of apology or any type of restitution. DO NOT GO WITH VISIBLE!!!!!


Sadly you aren't the first with this kind of story.  There is no middle ground with Visible it is either a great experience or a terrible one.  There is no in between.  I've seen this in other places as well so its not just you.

So far, I'm on the terrible train. 

What is your exact issue? Have you asked for a supervisor to call you back?