I want to switch from my current Visible plan which costs 25$ to Visible+, but I want to use VISIBLE24 promo code, which will give me a cost of $35.00 for 24 months. But it doesn't give me that option on the app or website. It just gives me the option to upgrade to Visible+ with the regular price of $45/mth. Please, help me getting this plan and stay with Visible. Thank you!


Intermediate III

The VISIBLE24 promo is for new customers only. Only way to get that discount is to port out to another carrier and port back in. The thing about doing this is I read that one needs to port out for a few days before returning but I could be wrong. Visible support on Reddit has posted that there will be upcoming discount or promo for existing members but that was over 3 weeks ago and nothing has been said since. 

This is a bad way to do business. 

I am just a customer myself and just pointing out what it shows in the TOS. I am sure other prepaid carriers handle promos in a similar fashion. Visible has had a promo for existing customers for the plus plan last year, maybe they will do that again at some point. This promo has been extended to 2/14 now so feel free to port out and port back in. A lot of people on Visible's Reddit page have done this to get the promo.

Yes it is. When I signed up this offer was valid. My wife and I registered and ordered phone. She got the phone and got that discount. I registered same time but due to system glitch the apartment number was removed from my order and I had to reorder. And now I don't have visible24.