Switching plans


I want to switch from my current Visible plan which costs 25$ to Visible24 which costs $20.00. But it doesn't give me that option on the website. It just gives me the option to upgrade to Visible plus which is $45. How do I get Visible24?


Intermediate III

The VISIBLE24 promo only applies to new accounts, not existing accounts. Some folks have resorted to porting out then porting back in as a new customer to secure the promo pricing.


Why would I, a long term customer, have to leave, then come back as new customer for this?

Don't ask me, I don't work for them - ask the Visible brain trust and I use the term loosely.

It's a marketing gimmick to attract new customers, thereby increasing subscriber counts, while alienating existing ones on two fronts.

Existing customers lose any referral credits they have accumulated if they port out and back in.

At the same time while this promo is active, all existing customers are unlikely to get any new referrals since those  cannot be stacked with the VISIBLE24 promo.

Because you are so cheap and saving $5 a month makes you leave and come back.