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I can't turn on wifi calling for the Moto e I got through visible. I navigate to the wifi calling settings page, toggle the wifi calling setting, and get the message "this may take a few moments". This message went on for at least 5 hours. I'm connected to my wifi, but not to the cell network since I get no coverage at my house (which I why I desperately need wifi calling).


My SIM is fully activated according to the visible app (it gives no additional instructions at least). Oddly, my SIM status page in the settings app lists my network as unknown and the phone number on SIM as unknown, making me think there's an activation step I missed.


I've restarted, taken the SIM in and out, restarted again, reset my network and wifi settings, and tried entering everything again, nothing seems to work.


Some other discussions I've read indicate I need special wifi equipment to enable wifi calling, but information on this is extremely unclear. I have internet through Spectrum and a Netgear modem.


Any advice would be appreciated. 


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Hey there! Here are a few steps we hope will assist you with enabling Wi-Fi calling:

  • Make sure your phone has the latest software update
  • Tap Settings icon from home page
  • Tap Network and Internet 
  • Scroll to or locate Call Settings or Mobile Network 
  • From there, tap Advanced
  • Scroll to or locate Wi-Fi Calling 
  • Toggle or select Wi-Fi Calling On
  • Follow onscreen prompts to enter US Address for use in emergency (e-911 address)
  • Once the e-911 address has been saved, you're all set! 

Thank you for posting! Please let us know if this helped and reach out to us via website and/or social media on Facebook and Twitter if you need further assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚


looks like you did not read this person's message. they did all those steps. I am having the same issues. nothing works.


Yes, that is exactly what I have done- except it gets stuck on turning wifi calling on. As 

I said in my post. Which would have known if you read it.

Hi, I have not yet signed up for visible, as I too need WiFi calling and need to verify if it works. Did you ever get WiFi calling to work? People that don't live in the mountains and other dead spots don't understand why coverage maps are meaningless - I can stand in my yard and have a nice call, but not in my house. I currently have Boost, which does not have WiFi calling. I have to go outside to have a 2-way conversation. 


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I was only able to turn on wifi calling when I had cell reception. Try that.

Of course, when I don't have cell reception, I can't seem to use the wifi calling, so I don't know what good it will do you.

I cannot enable Wi-Fi calling on my new phone either (Moto G Stylus).  I changed to Visible because they support wifi calling but my old carrier did not.  The cellular signal where I live is usually weak and sometimes non-existent.  Not getting wifi calling to work is a deal-breaker for me so if I cannot get this feature to work I may need to search for another carrier.  My experiences have been similar to both Frustrated and Anonymous in steps followed and their non-results.   Following other threads I have also tried to wipe my cache partition in recovery mode but this wipe option was not displayed/available in recovery mode.   I have been working on this for a couple of weeks and I'm getting desperate.  Are there new steps I can take to fix this issue?  Thank you.


I have a Moto G Stylus as well, and WiFi calling doesn't work. I'm going to test it out on my Google Pixel 6a and see if I can get it to work. I switched to Visible from Mint Mobile, and my wifi calling worked perfectly. If. I can't get it to work I'll have to go back to Mint. My service was so-so with them, but I need that wifi calling to work. 

I've got a Moto G Stylus 2021 and my wi-fi calling hasn't worked since I got a new SIM to switch from Unlimited to Visible. It keeps getting hung up on the screen to update my current emergency address.

Did you have any luck? Moto One 5g Ace here and have tried all troubleshooting and still no wifi calling 

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same problem with a motorola but my newtork says visible and everything else worked but the wifi calling


I chatted with a live agent on the visible 


The agent had to enable it for whatever reason ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ