Wifi calling not turning on


Hi, I just received my Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra and my wifi calling won't turn on. When I turn it on it says "this may take a few moments", after several minutes it just says, it can't activate at this time. This has been going on all day. Ive double checked my software to make sure it doesnt need updated, wifi connection is good. We live remote and wifi calling is a must. Any help would be appreciated 



If you switched your sim card from one phone to another, I am wondering if a network reset on your new phone may help reset things?


If that doesn't work, maybe try visible help? https://www.visible.com/help/connect/


I am wondering the wifi calling got 'locked' to your old phone IMEI number.

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No this is a brand new Sim from Visible Ina new phone

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I was only able to turn on wifi calling when I had cell reception. Try that.

Of course, when I don't have cell reception, I can't seem to use the wifi calling, so I don't know what good it will do you.