Data speed cap on phone during trial? Stuck at 2Mbps download


Hello everyone, 


I recently signed up for the trial as a second line on my iPhone 13 pro max. I currently have T-Mobile, but I was trying to find a cheaper alternative(I'm currently paying around $90 for service...). I really like Visible's pricing and I'm interested in getting my family to join a party. 


But... I noticed that whenever I do a speed test(I'm using the download seems to be capped at 2Mbps wherever I go. I tried it in a downtown area in my city where I normally get 50 to 60Mbps on T-Mobile, and I still get 2Mbps. Even in the country when I'm driving down highways, I get a consistent 2Mbps. 


Is this normal? Or is there a setting that needs to be changed? I really do want Visible to work for me, so if there's a way to speed it up, I'll try it. 





Interesting that you picked up to test the speed. is routed through Netflix servers. Visible (many cellular companies for that matter designate Netflix as streaming service).


Most cellular companies including visible (I think!) throttle internet for streaming devices to 480p/ Standard Definition (SD) on mobiles. Which is good enough for cellphone screen viewing experience.


I would recommend to try other websites like speedtest by Ookla or Google speed test.


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