activating my service


hopefully I can get some help here. I’ve been trying to activate my service for a couple weeks now and it has not been simple. I’ve spoken with 3 different representatives and all of them confirmed my phone is compatible with your services. I tried placing an order for an esim and when I tried to select my payment method it said there was and error and to try again later. I tried later with my other payment method and it still didn’t work. I uninstalled your app and reinstalled then tried to order a regular sim. That order went through with my referral discount and I got my

sim a couple days later. Today I just tried putting my sim in and my service wasn’t activated. My app also doesnt reflect my account at all or the progress of my number transfer. I spoke with Sophie today who tried to activate my service but there was a problem with the payment. She said I need to go to website and change my payment method there but there is no where for me to enter that info. It only shows what my next steps are. She then said she was going to escalate the issue then never replied back to me. At this point I’m frustrated with the lack of effort from your side and I’m disappointed that I won’t quality for the $200+ gift card cause I couldn’t get an esim. If someone, anyone could get back to me on this issue I would greatly appreciate it. 



If support does not reach out to you in the time frame promised, it is best to reach out to them again. 


Good luck, stay diligent, and see the activation through. $5 for your first month, and $25 each additional month is hard to beat.

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