"Something went wrong" error on overview tab of website and app; how can I pay?


I just upgraded with a new phone on the new network. Now I'm having issues accessing the "overview" tab on my account. Apparently I don't have permission to upload images. If I did, I would share the shot of my screen when I go to the "overview" tab on the website or from the app, which shows red letters saying "Something went wrong. We are working hard to fix that." 


At first I tried to get this addressed through the chat, and was directed to the socials team who basically told me that they would work on it. Now, it's 2 days away from when my first payment on my new plan, which I am not on autopay for, and the problem has not been addressed. If I cannot access the overview tab, is there another way to make sure my service stays on? 


Before, I only got the error when I was on my laptop trying to use the website. The app seemed to work. However, today I tried to log in to make my payment through the app, and the overview tab was inaccessible with red letters saying "Something went wrong. We are working hard to fix that." which is apparently a lie because I made my issue known quite some time ago. 


On top of getting this error, the app keeps kicking me out of my login; I log into my account, and a few seconds or minutes later I see that I'm no longer logged in. What the heck is going on with the website and app? Is there another way for me to ensure I get continued servicie? 




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This is a peer to peer forum so not sure what we can do outside of suggestions. You need to contact customer service by chat, Facebook messenger or Twitter. If you need to send a screenshot then use FB messenger to contact them. 


My suggestion is try again your laptop or desktop but try Microsoft Edge browser or a different  browser, maybe even try an incognito browser. If you finally get in to your account to pay i might suggest you turn on auto-pay, I use it and have no issues.