cell booster or a 5G phone for better signal/speeds?

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my immediate neighborhood (aka inside my house) is seriously lacking in a decent signal or a 5G network.

outside my neighborhood (1000 yards+) its better but I don't stream in parking lots so doesn't help.


so I'm thinking of trying a mobile cell booster to see if it helps.

will also be driving a tanker all over the southeast-northeast where there are 5G networks.


QUESTION1:  would getting a 5G phone help me while in these areas or due to being low tier Verizon will it not be worth it?


the mobile cell booster would prob come with me on the road if i don't spend the $$ on a 5G phone.


QUESTION2: same re the newer phone, would a booster help or would it not work with the network?


Had straight talk before and was waaaaaaay better in my house but couldn't use phone for a hotspot.  now I'm not so sure If swapping over was a good move.

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I recall that someone asked earlier if Visible supports cell phone boosters and the answer was no.  Usually if you use a booster you will need to notify the carrier you are with.  




This thread may help you:




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TL;DR Visible does not sell boosters, Verizon does, and they work with Visible


You may contact support and see if they can update your SIM remotely too

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I have seen others say this, that if you have a Verizon account a booster might work. Please advise on which booster to buy. Only get 2 bars inside and laptop connected to hotspot is very slow, and drops a lot. I need to improve it or cancel.

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I had similar issue, i recently left visible unfortunately after a few years with them due to poor signal in the area in and around my house, big 10+block dead zone. I had verizon before I switched to visible and it was fine at first, but they changed something in their towers in this area and made a dead zone, all visible AND verizon customers (same cell towers, I know) had issues in the area. My mom was still with Verizon directly and I was able to use her account and get a signal booster that worked off wifi mainly (had a small antenna too and long wire to put by a window though it was the wifi that the main boost). Using the verizon account I got the boster for free thanks to a very generous offer from customer service as a longtime customer. It worked great with my visible phone in my house as long as the wifi (spectrum -florida-poor service) stayed up. Unfortunately my mom left verizon and the signal booster no longer worked. But was great till then. I would even pay a little more if visible offered a cell booster like that, but right now they don't. Maybe they will one day.  Like this one  verizon currently offers on their site. https://www.verizon.com/products/verizon-lte-network-extender/?sku=sku3880045