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Are you having an issue related to your Visible wireless account? You can ask it here. Remember to mark a response as a solution when it solves your problem. You can also search for posts where other members have had their issues resolved and give a ...

Resolved! Is de-prioritization on 5G the same as on 4G?

I have a 4G phone on the Visible plan, and de-prioritization is severe during the day, when I get download speeds less than 1 Mbps. It improves in the evening, when I get 3 Mbps, and after midnight, it can be as fast as 15 Mbps. I wonder if I can exp...

Google Pixel 6 Pro and 5G

I would like to confirm that Visible does not support using 5G service on the Pixel 6 Pro. In the 5G FAQ, it shows all the models supported and this phone is not listed. My area has 5G UWB and the phone supports 5G UWB, so not sure why this would be.

Jorabi by Novice
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Visible Free Trial FAQ

Visible is offering a free trial for your ESIM compatible iPhone. With no risk or commitment required it is the best time to join. Even with this great offer there are always questions so here are some of the top FAQs to better understand the promoti...

Free-Trial-Boxing-R3 1.png

cell booster or a 5G phone for better signal/speeds?

my immediate neighborhood (aka inside my house) is seriously lacking in a decent signal or a 5G network.outside my neighborhood (1000 yards+) its better but I don't stream in parking lots so doesn't help. so I'm thinking of trying a mobile cell boost...

How to get Pixel 6 Pro mmWave access turned on?

I recently upgraded to a Pixel 6 Pro from a Pixel 5. but I can't seem to get fast 5G. I was regularly getting 200 on the Pixel 5. Yes, I have the A4RG8VOU version with mmWave support new from US Google Store.

Pixel 5 BYOD loses 5G somehow?

My Pixel 5 won't get back on 5G after 3 Months of 5G service. I'm thinking it has something to do with the Google Fi update, or perhaps moving the SIM card to a non 5G phone for a few days. The LTE is the best it's ever been, pulling over 40Mbps, but...

Visible Blade X1 5G

I bought this phone when I ported in to Visible a couple of weeks ago. I like the phone so far but 5G data speeds I see truly suck. The highest 5G download speed I've seen on my phone so far is 3Mbps. sometimes the Verizon speed test website just giv...

CAZboy by Novice III
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Resolved! Galaxy s21 ultra authorization and 5G availability

I recently swapped my Galaxy s20 plus which had 5G access on visible for a couple weeks with the Galaxy s21 ultra unlocked purchased directly from Samsung. I inserted my Sim in the new Galaxy and everything works fine. I attempted to verify my IMEI i...