Picture Size sending MMS using different Messaging Apps

So I have a Samsung s20u. My preference is to use Google Messaging for texting. But after activating Visible, noticed that when I send pictures via text (MMS) that the pics were being compressed and sent blurry. 

After trying to figure out why someone said download Verizon message + and the pics will send fine. They were right. it did. but their interface is just not as nice as google messages.

I then tried Samsung's default messaging and sending pictures via them works pretty good too. But as a test i send the same picture on all three messaging apps and the picture size sent ended up being:

276 KB using google messages
0.95 MB using Samsung messages
1.13 MB using Verizon messages +

So, why the discrepancy? LIke i said my preference would be to use google messages, but i don't think there's a way to increase the size limit somehow is being placed using their app. I'll use Samsung messages i guess, as their intereface is better than Verizon's, but what gives, why is Verizon's size limit the best?



Sort of an obvious question, but have to checked to see if there is an option somewhere within google or your phone settings that is sending 'small' compressed photos when on cellular service (data saving option?) ?

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Yes please check if there is an option like data saving mode. If you are concerned about picture quality, why not use third party apps there is a ton of them.

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