creating an account problem. please help


I have bought a phone from visible and created an account in visible for myself.  I know that I have to create a new account for my wife with her email address, but visible won't give me that option even though I have signed out of the account I created for myself.  Again, I have signed out of my account, but now I don't have the option to sign my wife us with her email and info.  Please help!  It is getting frustrating.  Thank you!


Novice II

Hey there! Thanks for raising this concern. Our Care team will be best able to assist you here; please reach out by chatting on our site, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook. -GL

I'm having a similar problem. I already created 2 accounts but can no longer login to the second account. The information is correct but Visible doesn't send a link to update a password. When I try to create another account, it doesn't give me that option. I try to avoid contacting Visible Customer Service because they trained me not to. Its ridiculous the way their, and others, customer service is setup.