eSIM is a joke. Not sure if it is Visible's fault but I got an iPhone 14 only to find out I cannot get service because the eSIM will not transfer after putting the transfer code in. Talked to CSR and they elevated my issue to the highest priority or so they say. Visible is a good service I just wish they had good customer service and this joke of eSIM can kick rocks. So fustrating.



I'm having the same problem but with a new iPhone 13, it's my second day and their chat personal while nice can't fix anything. I was told that I was put on the highest priority list and that they would call me back with in 2 hours, that was 4 hours ago. Put in another chat request. Good thing I'm retired or I would not have the time to miss with their problems!!

OK, Visible just got my phone working (iPhone 13), thank Goodness, it only took 2 full days. I'm glad that I have retired otherwise I could not have done it. 

By the way Visible thinks that G*d was a bad word in my first response.