how do I remove two factor?

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how do I remove two factor?
> I Did Not Purposely Enable Two Factor <
I want to manage my account from my PC.
this is a paradox... two factor sends a verification code to the phone that has the sim in it.
However if that phone is unavailable (in the car, lost, broken, etc.) I can't get that verification code.
SO, my autopay runs endlessly forever... until I get my credit card to block payments to Visible.


This is a deal killer for me.

I managed to get logged is, turned of auto pay and will let it die. it says "Balance due Jun 24, 2023"


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Visible is not going to reach out to you unless you contact them first. Losing one customer isn't going to break them. It sounds to me like you had just better let it lapse and move on. Good luck.

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Unfortunately you can't, Visible forced it on us even though it is flawed with the SMS text only thing. If you run into a situation where you don't have your phone or it's lost or stolen you can contact customer service and they can disable it for 24 hours(I think it how long it is for) that way you can get into your account. 


I look at it this way, yeah Visible is a little out of the norm for your average MVNO and the customer service thing leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, the 2FA is a total screw up, but for a truly unlimited data plan and unlimited hotspot for the price I can put up with it.

thanks for the reply.
"you can contact customer service"  sounds good, how is that possible?


is there a phone number, website, email ?
maybe I being dense but I found nothing... this chat room is the only thing I have found.

I found the chat option.
I works but it really is difficult

maybe I will start a New account and just Not Click on the 2 factor button.

@Anonymous I do appreciate the assistance, thanks

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If you open a new account I don't think you will have the option to bypass it. It is forced on us. A new account also would mean new number unless you port out and port back in.


If you need to get a hold of customer service the options you have are chat which you don't need to sign in, go to and click the blue box in the bottom right and that will open the dialog box and type agent or live agent. Your other options are Visible's page at Facebook messenger which is my preference, Twitter or now on Visible's Reddit page here and clicking more options on the right and and sending them a message.

@AnonymousI appreciate the thoughts and suggestions.
if I am able to have the verification code sent to my Mexican cell phone account (Telcel) that could work for me, maybe.
...otherwise as I said before this is probably a deal killer.
I will report back in a couple weeks when I have my new sim chip.

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2FA can only be sent to the phone number on your account. Visible may get around to fix it at some point to where it can be sent to the email address on file but with the work they have on getting customers on the old plan switched to the new system it might be a while.


You just have to accept it for how it is set up if you can't than another service might be a better option. For me I haven't had really any problems but minor ones that they have tried to help with. I am with Visible because of the price, being retired makes a huge difference on my bills to save money and any of the post paid options for me are $80 to $100 a month and I certainly wouldn't have a phone for that price. I don't have many MVNO options in my area and they can maybe match the price but none can match the truly unlimited plan.


Good luck with what you decide to do.

I ordered a new sim, different email.
it refused my primary email, the domain name has a hyphen in it.
really clunky software! can I say crap-ware?
turned off the autopay function. my subscription runs out in two days.
I'm still on the fence about letting it time out or paying to renew.
My sim is in a burner phone, and it's sitting on the shelf, unused---but running a hotspot.

I moved it aside and saw an alert, text message from visible reminding me to renew.

Bottom line, they are really shooting themselves in the foot if this is expected to reach me in a timely fashion.


PS: I joined a Facebook group. Lots of horror stories. Zero positives

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Visible is not going to reach out to you unless you contact them first. Losing one customer isn't going to break them. It sounds to me like you had just better let it lapse and move on. Good luck.

Again its not truly unlimited as my connection is so slow the internet is not even possible unless you can wait 60 seconds after pushing a single button. Impossible to use the web. Even their own site is junk and extremely slow

It forces us to sign up for 2 factor. Not an option. You can not sign in without setting it up

Fact: Its not truly unlimited. Thats just market speak. A way to entice people to buy in to it