how to change shipping address to receive a new sim card?


hello, thanks,


i was offered a new sim card from visible, something about an upgraded network.

the sim car has already been shipped and is on the way.


the problem is that the fedex package is being shipped to my home and i will not be there to receive the package. so i logged into my fedex account, found out that, due to visible restrictions, i cannot change the shipping destination or even to arrange that i pick it up myself from a fedex store.

so what am i to do, please advise, thanks,



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It is to prevent theft and it needs to have a signature so FedEx can't deviate from the shipping address. Since you won't be at home, FedEx should leave you a "we missed you" door tag, make sure to sign that and leave it in the door as they will attempt another delivery the next day, again make sure to sign that ticket and tape in it the door so they see it. If you know they attempted to deliver and didn't leave you a door tag not sure what to do then and not sure how many attempts they will make at delivering it. Hopefully you get a FedEx driver that follows protocol. Good Luck!