iPhone won’t allow messages to droids

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I just signed up and had several issues some that the chat line helped, others are just my fiddling around and getting lucky, or smart!  But at first I was only able to send any message via a network.  Now I can send iPhone users messages and get responses but not for people that have other brands of phone.  Before I wait hours again on the chat feature I’m hoping someone has a brilliant idea.  I’m not very technical but I, not afraid to try stuff.  Thanks!


Do you have data connection? turn off Wi-Fi and test 

I am having the exact same issue and still not sending with or without Wi-Fi on. Help!!

That means regular text messages doesn't work because from iphone to iphone it uses data not regular text,

Help me figure out SMS texting


I have the same issue…No MMS to android…..iPhone to iPhone good….Android MMS to me Good….3+ hours of chat and 2 eSIM re-loads….Nope….No Go….No MMS…. IPhone 11 iOS 15.6.11. Etc etc….

Anyone know of a REAL Fix or do I move to another provider ???

I also went to settings, messages and there is a Send and Receive. I had to click on that for the addresses.  Then select the appropriate numbers or emails.  

Well I had another solution that isn’t show, so let’s try again.  Go to settings, cellular, then make sure you have the right cellular plan selected as primary.  Power off the phone then turn it on.  I figured this all on my own because I did not want to go back on that chat line.

Novice II

Flakey SMS, no MMS

Iphone 8, IOS 16.1.1 as of 11/16/22

Went through entire reset procedure with support

Correct carrier, all messaging services set to ON

This still is not working

Look at my posts in this thread.  I truly stumbled through all the settings to get a solution.  My user name is pdawson723.  Let me know if you are successful.

I will go through the thread again

I am not having an issue sending to other devices with IOS, just non apple. SMS fails randomly but often goes through if I try again, especially if I have the option to send as SMS. MMS to non apple never works.

My carrier is correct and all options for sending text are correct from within Settings_Messages (almost everything is ON)

I have reset network settings, turned off and on the phone. I now have a case number with support, but I have no high hopes of this being remedied, at lease very soon.