issue with activation


Hi guys, im new to here. i try to port in an number from ting, but i cannot activate at apps. the activation keep grey out.  i chat many times, and sent to porting still no luck yet.  i got the phone and card on last friday and still cannot activate to make it work. anyone know how to file a complaint on this? thanks


Intermediate II

Since the button is grayed out. One of the elemets is not completed, from the checklist in the Visible app.

Is your port confirmed, did Visible emailed you that your old company released your number?

the port in is not ready.  porting dept keep saying investigated on it.  but i checked with old carrier Ting many times no port out request by visible. some resp. told me need to activated the service then port in can be complete.   so now im stuck.  

Have you requested a port out pin from ting?

yes, i did submitted the account and pin to visible and chats.