number porting confusion


I am trying to buy a phone from visible and take advantage of the promo offer. My dilemma is that I cant be without phone service. I was planning to port my google fi number over to visible within 14 days of receiving my new phone. When I checkout with the phone that I am trying to buy it asks me to port my number before I even have a compatible device which would leave me without service until new phone gets delivered. Anyone have a solution to this problem?



Go ahead and port your number over, the actual porting does not take place until you 'activate' your service via the mobile app.  


For example when I ported my number over with new service, I got my SIM card on a Tuesday.  I was able to use my old service and number, until I installed my SIM card and followed the directions on the visible app on the phone.  Once i did that the service was immediately transferred over.


Starting the porting process does not cancel your old service, activating the visible service does that. 

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