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Is there anyone who can actually tell me what's happening to my ticket?
My Visible experience started with two failed digital Sim attempts. After putting in the physical SIM and starting the port it looked like things were improving. They were not. The number came into Visible but not to my account. I had no incoming phone calls or text messages on my ported line. That situation carried on for almost three weeks. Now I've got the number working on the phone but the account profile still shows the Visible temporary number. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since that was reported. All I can get out of support is a frustrating "they're working on it. Watch your email for an update or resolution in 24 to 48 hours." Any information about what the problem looks like, what's been done to it, what future steps they can try would make it at least look like something was being done. As it is, it feels like the ticket is sitting in a queue somewhere being ignored. If I were to treat my customers this way I would've been fired three weeks ago.


Can anyone tell what's actually happening to tickets? Is there any other way to find out what progress if any has occurred? I'm in IT myself and I just can't imagine that this is so hard.


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Hello! I've sent you a private message, so that we can get to the bottom of your issue. I look forward to hearing back from you.

My issue was finally resolved an hour after I paid the month’s charges (not late). Isn’t that coincidental? 🤔🤔🤔

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I just switched to Visible. My phone (Visible SIM card) worked fine at first.  I reported a problem with receiving 'garbled' texts from some automated notification services. (Actually, the texts were not encoded properly.)  In supposedly "fixing" this, Visible disabled my SIM card!  
Since then I've been without service and getting the same 'we have a "specialist" fixing this and it will be fixed in 48 - 72 hours" info.

I even asked for a new SIM card to be sent to me and they said they couldn't do that. 


Not sure this is worth any amount of savings.