replacing broken phone

the screen on my phone recently broke, sim card is still working. I have been try to order a new phone through visible, but I guess they only let you do that if you've gotten in touch with a human representative and have them unlock your account. I have been waiting for a human representative to join the chat for half a day now and I really need to get this sorted out soon, otherwise I will have to wait another week before I can try talking to a representative again. After reading a few post on reddit, it seems as though you can order a compatible unlocked phone through amazon and put your old sim card in it and it will work. I don't want to waste the money on a phone through amazon if it doesn't work, so does anyone know if that will work or not? also, does it have to be the same phone as the broken one, or can I use an visible compatible phone that is unlocked? thank you


Novice III

SIM card can be used on any phone, as long as it is compatible with Visible's network.