stuck at new number screen on Home Screen


so, I created a new account and ported over my number, alright, I had an issue where they had to reactivate my eSIM because I had accidentally removed it when it showed eSIMs, now that I did that, ever since it keeps telling me my current number is a new number when its not, does this page ever go away at some point? I tried contacting Visible support and they can't seem to resolve this issue, does it eventually go away or should I just deal with this little "bug" issue?



I am not sure what the screen looks like, but is the issue being it has it labeled as a new number or do you have two numbers associated with your account?  If it is not impacting service or causing multiple charges and is just a labeling thing, I am not sure I would personally worry about it....


Just my two cents and trying to get more information and bump the topic up to get a respsone.

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If you are referring to "Your new phone number is (your old number here)" then I wouldn't worry about it. It has to do with their app reacting to them resending your eSIM to your device. It treats it as an internal port which is why the app acts the way it does. I had to go through this exact same thing with my iPhone 12 mini for a different reason but I have had no issues thus far.

If everything is working properly then don't worry about it.  It sounds like a bug.  Hopefully at some point it gets resolved but I wouldn't worry.