transferring to esim from physical sim stuck


Have an iphone 13 and am trying to activate esim. the "we're setting up your visible service plan" screen and "this should take under 5 minutes" screen have been on there for over half an hour now. what do I do? chat is nonexistent, twitter doesn't work, i'm not on facebook. no one at visible wants to help.


and a few days ago I contacted chat for help, which sent me an email asking me to reply with a screenshot of the issue i was having. how do i screenshot the fact that there's nothing for me to select? i replied to the email with that fact and got an email back saying "this email doesn't accept replies". what a sick joke this is.


and this whole time no one seems interested in helping from visible. i have loved the service up until now but this really kills any interest I have in remaining with visible.


visible, get your act together! it's basic customer service 101. if i can't get back my service soon (as in the next few minutes) i'm leaving visible.



I am currently having the SAME issue!!! It just keeps spinning and I’ve been doing this for 4 hours. I’ve deleted the app, shut down the new phone, wiped it completely, etc. everything you can think of I’ve done it and it still says “this should take under 5 minutes” blah blah blah 

Did this ever get resolved? I just transferred from iphone 11 to iphone 14 and I am stuck with the circle. No issues with the install on the 11.