trial setup


I started the free trial but was interrupted and never finished the setup.  I have a number cannot login to phone visible app to finish setup ... tried to start over but not able to since it thinks I already did the trial.


Need help or I will forget about Visible all together.




Intermediate II

You need to contact customer service for help. This is a peer to peer forum. There is no one here that can help you.


ok... do you know the contact number or info on how to get a real person

Visible's customer service is handled by chat or social media, they have no phone system to call for help, that is the reason is it so cheap. You can contact customer service by chat on the webstire or app, through Facebook messenger or Twitter by DM. Chat is the little blue box on the main page on the website, make sure to type live agent in the dialog box or you will chat with an AI bot, FB and Twitter there are icons in the bottom righthand corner of this page.