unable to accept cellular on watch app


when setting up cellular through the watch app on iphone, once you finally arrive at the screen that allows you to accept the service, the accept button is below the tappable part of the screen, i’ve tried everything with practically no luck, any fixes out there?

Apple Watch Ultra iPhone 15 Pro 


I remember seeing this issue over a year ago and found the post. Here was the solution that was posted.


This credit goes to @jsword 


I had the same problem as others here, but found a solution: I was able to activate a watch by turning on voice control and telling my iPhone to “move down” (Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control).


I have tried using "voice control" and that did not work.  There was a post in the past I came across that said to use a bluetooth keyboard and use the "tab" key to access the missing screen area and that also didn't work for me.