Losing data service when using hotspot

I have been encountering this issue since setting up my plan and Visible support has no solution for me.  I have an iPhone SE 2020 and use it to hotspot a chromebook.  Randomly it will drop data service when I do this.  The chromebook is still connected to the hot spot.  The phone still has bars and reception but will pop up with a notice that says cannot connect to cellular data.  My phone and hotspot will then be unable to use any data anywhere from a minute to twenty minutes when it will come back on on its own.  Nothing I do to troubleshoot this works either.  I toggle airplane mode, I restart my phone, I toggle cellular data, I reset network settings, I would reinsert the SIM, I set up an ESIM, I am up to date with software, and have had Visible agents say they've "fixed it" like five times now.  I'm totally at a loss.  Has anyone else encountered this or have any insights to try?



Visible network is super bad use verizon for years switch no issue, switch to visible network worked 7 days then hotspot issue (not working no network connection) then text message stop and now no network connection at all I have down phone thanks to visible Service agent no help Said Verizon has issue however I used my neighbors phone hotspot to finish a job on the computer and he has Verizon