and app are down - 502 Server Error

Novice II

Brand new to Visible. In the process of transferring 3 people and a watch over from Verizon and the website and app went down. 502 server error. It's been down for over 24 hours now. How could their website and app go down? How common is this? 



I was able to login to my account at on 10/24 at 11:17 AM EDT

Novice II

It's working for me now at 1:16 PM. I'm logged into my account right now.


Server down.  Many hours on chat last three days attempting to address failed calls, dropped calls, SMS faillures and no internet on device or hotspot.


I got the same error, conveniently during activation (or more accurately non-activation). 

Here is what I learned:
1) VPN from my network did not produce the 502 error

2) error persisted after

       a. clearing browser cache (Chrome)

       b. using another browser (Safari)

       c. attempts from iPhone SE, Android S22, Acer Chromebook Spin 713 via my LAN

       d. router reset

       e. disabled all threat management tools active on my LAN

3) Contacted my ISP - they confirmed no error from their location on the same network

4) from terminal, traceroute showed no blocks, bad gateways or other errors; ping was successful, no issues

5) the visible app also threw an error when the device was on my network, but not when on a cellular network, further suggesting a visible server-side error


All other devices, browsers, and websites worked just fine. The only time the error was produced was when accessing from my home network.  I pressed visible to look into the error, after 36 hours, the website loaded fine and the app started working.


Very irresponsible


Waiting in queue for chat, 1st time waiting, session closed once I was about 35 in line, starting at 50.  

Now getting 502 server error from cell and home PC, cell on cellular carrier, different ISPs.  My error came as soon as agent started to chat and asked my name.  Painful after waiting in queue, twice, maybe 1.5 hours total.


Exact same thing here. It seems to be a 'feature" and not a bug. I was on with agent because they lost my previous number and canceled my account (that was the phone service I was trying to set up and didn't actually have live yet)  while they said they were for sure fixing my access. I asked for them to call me so we can actually 'talk' and bam, 502 on all my devices from home. Every single one. Now my phone is doa and my phone line that I've have for 20 years is doa and I cant even access the site or app to reach anyone to help me... oh and the call I was supposed to get... yeah, no call either.