1st Month only $5.00. * $25/month after that. * 2600+ Member Group. * All Welcome.

To join Visible Mobile for unlimited talk, text, and data, visit https://www.visible.com/get/36V7CTG, to sign up for the mobile service and receive your first month of wireless service for only $5.00.  Visible is constantly expanding 5G coverage nationwide.  They'll overnight ship you a SIM card for your device.  Depending on your phone, you might be eligible for an eSIM as well.  Once you get the SIM card, you can login to your visible account to activate your service. Learn about current Visible discount offers at https://www.visible.com/deals/

Any Visible Mobile members can join our 2600+ member group to save $180/year and pay just $25/month by clicking https://www.visible.com/p/Ollanketo .  We accept all new members several times each day and all group members can go to the Party Pay tab in their account and accept any new members requesting to join. 

Thank you to everyone who has joined us recently and we'd appreciate a Kudo. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Stay safe and have a great day!


Novice III

You weren't kidding, I'm up to 4 credits! Ok how do I copy those links to my post?

Please DM me and I'll walk you through the steps.  I appreciate the kudo because it helps build a positive atmosphere in the community.

How do I dm

It's the same way you messaged me last Friday about your pet.  On a web browser, click the envelope in the top right.  Or go to your email messages and see the notifications from the Visible Community.