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Novice III

Beware of the promotional gift card!  Some may not get what was promised!  I have been on the phone with visible and Blackhawk so many times I can’t even count them anymore to resolve this issue. It’s going on 2 weeks!  And no gift card!  And yes, I redeemed my code!  


Novice III

So what did they give as a reason for the hold up?

They haven’t really given a reason…visible tells me I need to contact hawk market and hawk market doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.   First they tried to give me visibles customer service number which they do not have one second time they gave me Amazon’s customers number one other time they said they can’t even find anything under my name 😕and another time they said (this was last Wednesday I think ) they said it would take 15 days to receive the email with the virtual card.  This past Monday I talked to visible and they said that it’s gonna take 15 days because there’s a lot of them going out. So maybe that’s what is.   The problem is more with hawk market.   Idk…. It’s just very disappointing.   My husband got his in a day. 

Novice III

Update:  I received my Amazon virtual gift card yesterday after waiting two weeks.  Not sure why it took so long    I’m still super happy with visible service everything is good so far 🙂


Glad to hear your issue was resolved. Bummer you had to deal with those issues.