Refused to be allowed to purchase devices

Novice II

I attempted to buy device while on a VPN no where did it warn about it. Took two weeks to find out why I was being refused to process my payment. Once I did find it out I attempted with another email account and visible account just to be blocked again. Finally I speak to a network specialist to he told it was fixed it was not. So I tried a verified identity PayPal account no go. Now it is clear I will never be given right to buy anything. And they now have my personal data and credit information that can and will be shared with their "partners". I cannot remove it for 120 days. So I gave up my information to not receive anything. Spent hours of days on chat services to just end up more angered. So in the end I was robbed of my information. Incase someone who knows something sees this who can either fix or just remove the data. I really feel scammed outta this. Beware