Choosing party


How does everyone choose what party to join?


Is it by similar interest? I get the more in a group the less chance of someone dropping out and my bill going up. I am about to switch from Verizon Prepaid to Visible.


Anyone have anything that will help me in this switch? Anything I should know?




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It really doesn’t matter what type of party pay group you choose, we have a family of four in our party pay group plus we have an additional five members in our group  so you’re bill will always be $25 a month. 

Our Party Pay is


if you sign up use this referral code 


Welcome to Visible 😀

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Since you don't need to have any type of contact with those in your Party, I'd advice you choose one with a lot of members since you need at least 4 people (including you) to get the discount. I joined a Party with over 5k members so I wouldn't have to keep on top of how many people had joined.


I switched from Verizon a few weeks ago but it wasn't pre-paid. I needed my account number and a transfer PIN that Verizon gave me. Once I received my Visible Sim card, I used their app to activate my phone. Pretty easy process. Good luck and welcome to Visible.