No incoming calls and texts since porting in with ESIM 3 days ago


Hi there,


I recently ported in to Visible which itself took 5 days. Right after porting in incoming calls and texts are not working. Only outgoing calls and data are working.


Chat support is of no use, all they do is give me standard replies saying their backend team is working on this as priority and will be fixed in 2hrs, 4hrs, 24hrs, ASAP etc.,. but no resolution yet since 3 days.


Before sending to their backend team, chat support let me do standard troubleshoot items like reinstalling ESIM, reset network settings, reboot phone, update visible app and iOS to latest versions but nothing worked and then they forwarded the case to backend team.


Has anyone else faced this issue recently OR right after porting in the past?

So far it has been a horrible experience with visible, my biggest mistake choosing Visible.


My device configuration is below:

Phone: iPhone 14 Pro Max

OS: iOS 17.1.2

Sim type: ESIM


Thanks in Advance!