Don’t like your phone? Here’s how SWAP works

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One of the main deals we have available is our Swap program. It’s a way to join Visible and get wireless service if different signs are telling you you can’t. Before we get into it, a few things to know about Swap:

  • It’s only for Android devices that are unlocked (paid off)
  • It only applies to new members who bring their number to Visible

What is the Swap program?

It’s a way to trade in your old, incompatible device in exchange at no device cost. You just send us your old phone and then activate your new one within 14 days.

What if I don’t activate in 14 days?

You'll be charged the full price of the phone you chose and may also need to pay the tax on the value of your new phone.

How do I send my device?

You’ll get a package from us with a return label, shipping box, and an insert to safely pack your incompatible phone. And you do this AFTER you get the new one. Remember, this must still be done within 14 days of completing the order.

Will I know when Visible receives my incompatible device?

Yes! Members will get an email to confirm that their incompatible device was received.

Will I know if I am denied for the Swap program?

Members will receive an email if they miss the deadline to send in their incompatible device.

Get started here:


Intermediate III

Please add some more phones for swap. Previously, there was ghost pepper. 

Yes I agree.  I have been waiting for something new.  


If you swap for a ZTE Blade Prime A3, does it come with the Visible app installed or do you still have to go the Google PlayStore to download the app?

I recall having to download it from the play store. It was not preloaded. You have to install the SIM as well. 

Novice II

I wish you had apple phones too!

Novice II

Will iPhones ever be eligible?

Novice III

I never got a email saying if you got it or not. 😕

Hi @NightcoreKuan! Contacting Care on chat or social media would be the best way to find out if your device was received. 



The return process needs to be clearly and SPECIFICALLY explained. This is too vague. Your employee also failed to explain the specifics after a 30min chat. You should make a pictoral or video guide showing to exact process to send in your old phone you are swapping. Define your terms. What is the insert? You mean the blue paper holster with the white smiley face? I was told the clear plastic that wrapped the Visible phone needs to be used to wrap the phone I am swapping? THEN, this needs to be put in the paper holster?


The next major issue is the shipping labels. I was sent a white UPS label, and a pink label that says FEDAIR. What is FEDAIR? I was told by customer service to use the pink label over the old UPS label with my address on it, with no clear instruction as to what to do with the NEW white UPS label addressed to a return center in Fort Worth. SPECIFICALLY, which labels are to be used and where? Are any to be included INSIDE the box? WHERE is this to be shipped from? Where do I go?


At first I thought your company was great until I dealt with this major hassle, and the lack of a CLEAR ANSWER from customer service. Oh yeah, and there is no number to call anyone!


Major disappointment.

Yes a little video covering this procedure would be nice