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Join a New Stable Party - Never pay more then $25 a month!


I've been testing Visible for 6 months traveling around the US

I am now convinced it is a perfect fit for my hotspot/work which I do from my rv while traveling so it is now time to pull together a good group.


To join my group, please goto and select the 'Join StarGazer' button.


I want to build this out quickly, so I am monitoring my mail all day for any requests.


My plan is to keep a buffer as to never fall below 4 members (25/mo). Around 25 members.

I am adding a 2nd line myself at the end of the month.

I will also accept those that will be temporary, just let me know upfront please 🙂


A little about me:

semi-retired, been in my own technical business's for 30+ years; Computer and Internet related

I am a full time rv'r and I travel a lot 🙂

My hot spot is vital for my work and Visible Works for me!

I've been 9 yrs on the road!

Join us and save, I will never drop below 4 members, I will maintain a buffer.  I'm good for 2 lines myself by the end of the month.


Love and Peace!




I keep getting kicked out of here and not sure you even get this.  Was with Verizon 17 years and just switched to Visible 

work from home permanently so it’s perfect.  Love to join your group.  Shane from Arizona