New Party Getting Off The Ground + 5$ For Your First Month!!!

Novice II

Hello All!


I always enjoy getting involved/taking on a challenge/(being honest) taking on anything for a quick distraction from the day to day. That led to deciding to see about getting a new party started. Throwing another option out there to lower everyone's bill a bit can't hurt(😅I hope). 


I will also include a bit of a quick how to for anyone just getting started with Visible that may need a hand.


Quick Links:






Getting Started With Visible:


  • First Decisions:

Well, we know you chose to go with Visible already. I mean, how can you choose anything different with the great service, simplicity, unlimited data AND hotspot for only $40 a month?! That's only if you chose not to take advantage of the plentiful savings opportunities available that are begging to be taken.


So, I would guess that your current decision has to do with either buying a new device or bringing your own. You are probably considering if you would like to port your current number or if you want to ditch everyone that you need to with a new number, as well.


Don't jump on either decision just yet! Choose a deal that you qualify for and fits your needs!!!


Personally I opted for the gift card. After completing the requirements, not only did the gift card completely cover every penny I had paid so far, I more than doubled the money I had paid in the first couple of months!!!


  • Next Steps:

Once you have chosen a deal that works for you, follow the prompts to get started setting up your account.


If you opt to keep your own device you can choose a physical SIM card which is overnighted to you through FedEx.


You are also able to choose an ESIM (on supported devices) which can be activated immediately.


  • Checkout


When a referral code is asked for at checkout, enter code: 3r7JJr


Alternatively you can press This Link To Save $35 On Your First Month Of Service!!! 


That is my personal referral link and you will be provided one as well after activation. Any time someone uses your referral code to sign up they pay $5 for the first month of service and you are given the next month for only $5!


  • Once Activated & Ready To Party

When your new account is activated and you are drowning in the cash you already saved, it is time to join a party that's nothing but good times and trees that grow cash!!! Join the amazing new Until Next Time 


With Party Pay, you can join or create a party with just about anyone. The benefit from doing so are the huge savings involved. For each Partier your monthly bill is reduced down to a mind blowing $25 a month! You reach the $25 when you have a total of four Partiers with everyone afterwards providing security for keeping that same rate.


  • Partying Safely

Anyone concerned about security with choosing to Party, you do not have access to each other's accounts, phone numbers or personal information. The only info that you or anyone sees are the number of partiers and when your personal bill is due.


  • Wrapping It Up

It's great to have you! If I can be of any assistance, feel free to reach out!!!