New Visible+ vs my current $35 and 5 plan

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Any reason to switch tot he new Visible Plus plan, which looks like it will cost me an extra $5 per month? Not sure on what the difference is. I'm currently paying $35/month plus $5 for an Apple Watch.


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Your total cost would go up to $45. Smartwatch has no extra charge on that plan; it includes one 24 hour Global Pass per month; and hotspot speed can be up to 10Mbps. The latter two are the difference for you if you feel they are worth the extra $5.

You should really post questions like this in one of the other forums - folks come here to post their referral codes or look for one. I only happened across it while doing a search. Nothing prevents posting questions in this forum; it'll just be more visible (no pun intended)  in Need Help? or Let's Chat