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Oldscool's Party needs 2 more for $25 per month!


come join please we are long term users! 




We are now 3 and need 1 more to be complete come join some friendly folks!

Why wait? Bring your 3 over to our already established party and save right away. Just a thought. 🙂


I need to join a party.  Are you still accepting members.  I have a couple of other friends who want to start visible but are very slow about it so I am going to join a group and would like to join yours.  I have to pick a group I can remember the name of and yours is easy and fun.  Thanks.


They keep asking me to verify my email which is correct, but I have not gotten anything in my email box.  Gail

I closed my tabs and started over and was able to put Oldscool into my request for party plan.  You should be getting my request soon.  Hope it works out.  Looking forward to joining your friendly group.  Gail