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Want to be part of a group that virtually guarantees you'll never get that dreaded notification that your party has dropped below 4 members? Now is your chance!


VISIBLEROCKS is always looking for additional members to help us become one of the most stable groups on VISIBLE! Click below to join us, or simply add us in the Visible App! With this many members, acceptance should be very fast! We'll see you soon, and together we'll keep on saving!




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Can you explain why people with huge parties are so focused on getting more members?  Just wondering.  My party has 6 in it.  πŸ€”

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Sometimes your party members leave right before you monthly payment day. You and your other members end up with increased monthly bill. Its the main reason


This explanation you give would explain a group of, say 20 or 30, but definitely not hundreds. These "Mega" groups take away the security of smaller parties trying to do the same thing. They "Market" their huge groups with multiple spam posts and by glorifying the size of the of the party as if it matters that they have several hundred members. Just a thought coming from a member of a smaller group.



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 All large group can loose members quickly as soon as another promotion is going to start for new phones. You'll see it when new IPhone is come  up in the Fall. I would recommend VisiblePartyPay from reddit but their admins are not following own rules LOL πŸ˜‚  Lets make our parties as personal signatures...I like it. πŸ™‚