Visible Plan Upgrade

Novice II

I’m wondering what other members might be thinking about upgrading to the new Visible plan features.  Do you think the Global Pass and Smarteatch features are worth it?  Thanks.


Intermediate III

Visible provides a side by side comparison of all plans in a grid at:

The answer depends on which plan you have and how much it costs you currently.

Note that Global Pass is available on all plans. The difference is you'd get 1 free 24 hour pass on the new  Visible+ plan and you'd still need to purchase any beyond that 1 freebie. On the other plans you purchase them all.

There are some roaming data changes between the two Visible + plans.

Smartwatch service (iOS only) is free of charge on the new Visible+ plan.

Additional speed for hotspot usage might be useful but it's subjective as to whether it's needed as are the 5G and 5GUW differences.

In my case I can only say none of them provide any cost benefit - I wouldn't take sufficient advantage of them and most of my use is in 4G LTE areas anyway that aren't loaded enough to be impacted by priority data. As I result, I've stayed on the basic plan for now. In the event I needed a Global Pass (unlikely) I'd just add one for the 24 hours at whatever the cost is at that time. ($10 right now). It might be a tougher call for me due to increased hot spot speed (but I primarly use that as a backuo to my home interent service). When I do venture into 5G coverage areas I do get 400+ Mbps speed but can't take advantage of it unless I pull into the rest stop or a parking lot. Which I might do, if I've got a lot of updates to perform - but that's rare also with my new home internet service now.

It's a tough call for some but everyone's mileage varies due to a number of factors including location.


Thank you.  That’s the exact comparison I was looking for.  I appreciated seeing your reasons for staying on the basic plan.

For me it is just not worth the extra $10 month. I am in a 4G LTE only area and I don't get the greatest speeds at 30Mbps down average and for my use it is more than acceptable. I am in a rural part of my state and even with only 2 Verizon towers in my area I am not deprioritized enough to take advantage of the 50GB of premium data. The only other thing appealing is the 10Mbps hotspot but I don't mind the current 5Mbps speed cap. 


The global pass to me is kind of a joke and overpriced at $10 a day but then I don't travel. But, if I did, let's say a two week trip to Italy, with 1 free day it would still cost $130 use your phone/number while there. I have not researched it but there has to be cheaper SIM's in those countries that have the global pass. 


Another plus if you are an iPhone user with a watch it is now a free add on. Perk would be a loss for me though since I am not an iPhone user but I had thought switching to one but I'm certain I wouldn't add a watch. Otherwise the price was raised to $10 if getting that plan now on the base plan.


It seems the plus plan is geared towards those that have UW and have the need for data speed. 


For those that want those perks it maybe something worth getting. Bad thing though is that now with those added perks I just don't see any promos to get a discount on the plus plan like they have in the last year.