Savings without being ghosted during service issues…

Novice III

I wanted to share this with others needing savings tips to find affordable coverage that has customer service that won’t leave you in the wind. 


Today I was able to chat with nice people from the pink provider. Though the stated price on the website for the Basics service is $45, I was able to get it for $40. Just ask a chat support agent to help you get affordable service and be polite. Your sob story from Visible will also help. If the agent doesn’t offer it at $40 just politely ask and/or leave the chat and start with a new agent. Also, the smart watch service was only $5. I talked with a person on the phone, and also had good text chat support. They also had some free streaming services I was paying for that will cancel out the extra $10 I am spending over my Visible plan.


I also looked at another prepaid carrier that is owned by the pink provider, and I had poor interactions with customer service on the website, in-store, and the phone. I’ve learned the value of costumer service. My experience today with the provider I’m switching to was great. I know it may not always be, but the fact that it’s possible and I was treated so nicely today by someone that truly understood everything I was asking was so very relieving. I’m sure I’ll have a gripe or two there eventually, but I’m willing to put up with a lot 😉


Between some Visible issues I had two weeks ago, mixed with the absolutely unacceptable events of this week, I am unwilling to stay with Visible. I feel completely unvalued, disregarded, unconsidered, and disrespected. It shouldn’t, but it literally causes me anxiety and distress. Good riddance to this “company.” And this reinforces my disdain for Verizon. I should have never given in.