Suggestion: Prune Threads That Are Full


Lots of threads in this category.  Nothing wrong with that.  Folks want to save money.

However, I'd bet some parties are already FULL!

To clean up the clutter, maybe the mods could start the practice that is implemented in a similar thread in Reddit, where a post is immediately deleted by a bot, once the word, "full," is added to it.

That way, folks looking for a party to join don't have to wade through pages of threads to find one.

Just a thought.  And maybe others have already chimed in with the same thought. ๐Ÿ™‚



Novice III

With unlimited sized parties there's really no such thing as a "full" party anymore unless you're just sick of being woken up by party invitation emails.

You are right.  I was still stuck with the old idea of 4 members max.